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Pampered Chef With Mandy Dawn

Many of you may not know, but I also sell Pampered Chef on the side. I have been a Pampered Chef Consultant for a few years, and LOVE the products!!

I would love to share the wonderful products with you!

There are many options for getting yourself some good stuff from PC. You can host a party in your home, or online (I literally do ALL the work with this one. You just invite your friends, and sit back and watch your rewards grow!).

You can have a registry set up for an upcoming wedding, or housewarming...or even kid that is moving out for the first time to go to College.

The options are limitless.

If you are new to Pampered Chef, and wanting to try it out, or are a seasoned Pampered Chef user that wants to add to your collection, Hit Me up! I would love to help you out!

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