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Black Background Photos

Let's dive into the mechanics behind producing a Black Background Photo


Black Background Photos are useful in a variety of situations, most commonly used in the equine industry, in stud poster photos, or any photos wanting to showcase a horse.

Black Background Photos can be used in any situation that you want to eliminate a distracting background, to draw the viewers attention directly to the subject of the photo, in a dramatic way.


Virtual Class ONLY
Held via Zoom

Price: $150 / Person

What to expect:
A consult prior to the class, to provide you the information needed to be able to take a few photos of your own to work on during the class.

During the class, you will be shown how to edit your photos to achieve the Black Background look, and given the opportunity to work on your own photo(s) with my guidance and critiques.

What you'll need:
A camera and lens (to take the photos with)
A computer with a current version of Adobe Lightroom installed

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