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Mini Sessions

Mini Sessions


I will have 2 types of mini session available this year. One will be geared towards family, equine, and grad photos, and the other one will be geared towards Jackpot "Pre-Game" photos that will focus specifically on capturing you go through to get ready for your run.


Mini Session - $175


30 minute session, dedicated to capturing all of the things that mean the most to you. This can be a quick little session of you and your furry family member(s), you and your S.O., your family, your parent(s), or something a little more off the beaten path like a friend session, or a Milestone Birthday, Cake Smash session...let your imagination run wild here. You will receive ALL of your edited photos from the session, in an online gallery which you will be able to download and print as you please.


Jackpot Pre-Game Mini Session - $60


15 minute session, dedicated to your Pre Game routine. I will focus on you and your equine partner(s), in the moments leading up to you making your run at a Jackpot. These will ONLY be available to contestants at Jackpots, and depending on the Jackpot, may only be available to the first group of the day.Limit of One per person, per Jackpot.

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