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Mandy Dawn



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I'm Mandy!

I was born and raised on an acreage next door to my grandparents' cattle farm in the Busby, Alberta area.
I spent the majority of my youth in 4-H, Showing Horses, travelling, and spending as much time outside as I could.

I LOVE Iced Capps, travelling, and binge-watching a good show on Netflix, and if I could combine the three of them into some sort of amazing full time job, I would be on the next plane out…it doesn’t even matter where!

I Love a good adventure….even a less-than-ideal adventure makes for a good story! Over the years, I have gotten pretty good at laughing at myself, as I am really quite clumsy and awkward. I don’t mean to brag, but I can trip over my own feet, choke on air, and have quite a collection of bruises that I have no idea where they came from…or how long they’ve been there. With that said, I have come to the sad realization that “Ninja” will never be a job I will hold, and I am OK with that.

I am a self taught Photographer, and have been chasing this dream of mine since 2014. I specialize mostly in Rodeo and Jackpot photography, but have also done Family, Grad, and Wedding photography as well. I love the western lifestyle, and that tends to shine through in my photos. I do spend a pile of time in my car through the summer, following the rodeo circuit on the weekends, which allows quite a bit of time to let my inner performer out, and put on a killer karaoke show for my fellow drivers.


Mandy Kreiser
780-212-1822 |


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