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Important Information

Planning an event and looking for a Photographer? Here is a little bit of information about me! 

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First and Foremost, I am flattered and thrilled that you thought of me while planning your event. 

There are a few things I would like you to know about me before you commit to booking me for your event:

1. I am primarily an OUTDOOR photographer.
I am not equipped to shoot indoors, and produce magazine cover quality photos. I HAVE shot indoors...I do not enjoy shooting indoors. I have not found an arena yet, that has lighting that doesn't make me what to pull all of my hair out. If you are looking for a photographer that IS set up to provide magazine cover quality indoor photos, I will be happy to recommend a couple. I am not one of them. There are no plans at this time, to get set up to shoot indoors. 

2. I am NOT by any means a Graphic Designer.

I realize that there are other photographers that do their own design work. I do not. My Photoshop skills are equivalent to a Grade 1 student drawing stick men with their non dominant hand. I have also come to terms with this, and thus outsource all of my graphic design needs to a super talented Graphic Designer at Cross Three Designs. If you need something done, I can hook you up, but all work needed will be subject to Lyndsey's pricing and availability. This includes altering photos in any way above and beyond editing that does NOT require the addition or removal of anything. If, for example, you require bucking chutes or people removed from a photo, the work will be outsoured to Lyndsey. If you require a photo turned black and white, I'm your girl. Collages, and sponsor thank-you's you ask...Currently all outsourced to Lyndsey. 

3. At this time I do not charge to be at events.

 All of my income comes solely from the photos sold to contestants. There is no need to drum up sponsorship for paying for me to be at the event. Sponsorship can be hard enough to find as it is...I don't believe committees should have to worry about asking someone to sponsor me as well. There may be exceptions to this rule, such as instances where I require a hotel room to attend your event. In which case, I may ask that you cover the cost of my hotel room. 

4. I will NOT add your event logo to my work

The biggest reason for this being, I don't self fulfill photo orders....meaning I don't see that an order has been placed until it's already been sent to the printer (in cases of prints being ordered) or to the customer (in cases of digital copies being ordered). I do pay a LOT of money to a website that fulfills my orders for me, and guarantees the delivery of said orders. There have been far too many horror stories of photographers taking orders, and not delivering a product. I refuse to be added to that list of sketchy photographers simply because my memory SUCKS, and I forget to place or send an order.

With this website I am using, there is no way that I can intercept an order to place a logo on it before it goes out to the customer. How the site works, is that once an order is placed, the order is sent directly to the printer (it bypasses me all together), it's printed, and then shipped directly to the customer (again, completely bypassing me all together). If it's digital copies that are ordered, as soon as the customer submits the order, the digital copies are emailed directly to them...completely bypassing me as well. The customer already has the digital copies in their inbox, before I even know they've been ordered. I cannot change or control this, without removing the option to shop from the site all together, and self fulfilling all orders...which is not an option for me at this time, as my full time job does not allow for me to be tethered to my computer tending to photo orders. That and my memory SUUUUCKS, so in the best interest of all parties involved, I feel that not adding an event logo is the best option. 

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