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Mandy's Recommendations

In my travels, I have come across some insanely talented people, and businesses that I LOVE, and I can't wait to share their talent with you as well. 

Graphic Design, and Marketing Solutions

My all time FAVORITE Graphic Designer, and Marketing girl has got to be Lyndsey Bacon with Cross Three Designs. She is incredibly talented, and offers marketing solutions you didn't even know existed. From stretch barrel covers, and table covers, to complete tradeshow booth set ups, and website and graphic design, you can't go wrong. 

Check her out at                                               

Plamondon Wedding (137).jpg

Weddings and Events

This is going to be a bit bigger of a section, as I have come across a PILE of talent in this area...a surprising amount...for a girl who's never been married...or planned an event...hahaha. None-the-less, here are my recommendations for a CRAZY talented bunch!

Wedding and event decor rentals:

































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